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What Is a Transitional Pad?

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When you're using a concrete grinder, you know that in most cases, you have to start first few passes with an aggressive grind using a metal bond diamond pad in order to smooth out uneven areas. However, this kind of tooling leaves a deeper scratch pattern, so if you go from a metal grinding pad that cuts deep into the concrete to a resin polishing pad, you're not going to be able to get those scratches out of the surface.

That's where a transitional pad comes in. Typically, the diamonds are bonded with ceramic or copper, though sometimes metal, and they are the transition between a metal diamond and resin diamond tool that can eliminate the scratches and rough spots to get the surface ready for the polishing phase of the project.

We Norler company currently can supply you the following types of Transitional Pads -  100% ceramic transitional pad, Copper Bond Transitional Pad and Hybrid Transitional Pad. Also, with its relevant Velcro Backing Adaptors can be compatible with different brand floor grinders, Such as like for Terrco, Sase, Lavina floor grinders. 


Norler Transitional Pad

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