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So far, NORLER main offering Diamond Saw Blades, Diamond Core Drill Bits, Diamond Grinding Cup Wheels, Diamond Polishing Pads and Diamond Tools for Surface Preparation.
Diamond Saw Blades
NORLER provides types of sintered diamond blade, laser welded diamond saw blade and stone saw blade.
Sintered diamond blade which is an economical blade for small amount of cutting works, this kind saw blade is by cold press or hot press sintered, size main below 400mm diameter, it is basic line general purpose blade for fast cutting concrete, tile, brick, granite, marble, etc. materials, to fit the equipment like angle grinders, circular saws and table saws etc, the type includes segmented rim blade, continuous rim blade and turbo rim blade.
Laser welded diamond saw blade, as the name implies which it is by laser welding technology, the benefits of laser welded diamond saw blade which as following:
  • Stronger adhesion of the diamond segments to the steel core
  • Longer life and cut faster than sintered diamond blades
  • Instead of traditional brazed diamond saw blades, as the diamond segment tend not be broken or fall off from the steel core
  • Dry cutting work under the harsh condition
  • Safety and reliability to the users
Besides above, the size can be made up to diameter 900mm and even more larger, that which sintered diamond blades can not to be achieved now, the blades fit to most handed saws and walk behind floor saws. And the types included general purpose saw blade, cured concrete saw blade, reinforced concrete saw blade, asphalt and green concrete saw blade, wall saw blade, etc. main in construction cutting products.
Our laser welded diamond saw blades are manufactured by using the best machine Dr. Fritsch which Germany brand, this good brand machine enable to turn out constant higher quality and safety products.
Stone Saw Blade, NORLER main focus on granite saw blade, marble saw blade and ceramic saw blade, those best blades provide high efficiency, precision and chip-free performance

Diamond Tools for Surface Preparation
It is a fast growing industrial diamond tools for surface preparation, NORLER realized it is urgent needed in servicing Surface Preparation sector, with many years effort we done very successfully.
We now bring out the products range covers:  
Bolt on type trapezoid grinding plates, quick change type metal bond grinding tools, 10” floor grinding heads, PCD grinding plates, grinding pucks, grinding plugs, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond polishing pads and other tools etc.
They are used for grinding and polishing concrete, stones or removal of paint, glue, epoxy and other floor coating, etc materials; To use on handed grinders and floor grinders.
According to the different floors, we define our metal bond grinding tools have soft bond, medium bond and hard bond; Soft bond which for using on grinding hard floors, medium bond for general purpose and hard bond for using on grinding soft floors. The grit size we offering by #16/20, #30/40, #60/80, #120/150. Then the coarse size such as grit #16/20 for material removal in the initial starting, the grit #30/40 for rough grinding, grit #60/80 for medium grinding, grit #120/150 for fine grinding. 
Whilst, our diamond floor polishing pads provided remove scratch quickly, high-gloss finish and never stain the floor after polishing.